The process of playing Craps – A beginner’s guide

Every shooter requires two rollers (also known as dice). There must be at least three people playing this game; one person rolls two dice on the table while another person bets against everyone else that he will move a certain combination of two-dice or come out (more on this later).

The game

The player who bets against the shooter is called the pass line bettor. This is because while everyone else attempts to make a winning combination, he must wait for his turn until he can place a bet before any of his opponents do so.

All bets are made in the middle of the table, and all players must talk while they are playing Craps because silence is not allowed. Therefore, if there is no call from anyone on each roll, it should be considered a “no matter” result and repeat until someone calls. In this case, after every registration, players decide whether to keep their points by hitting them with a stickman’s rake or selecting to surrender one or more points.


The shooter cannot proceed after all bets are placed, but the pass line bettor may roll the dice again if he wants to establish a point or points with that number after his call. At this time, everyone else has no other choice than to wait for their respective turns to place their bets before the next person comes around and rolls two dice on them again.

The game continues until someone makes winning combinations on each favour of every bettor playing Craps online on 메이저사이트. After every single shot from the shooter, another player must come in place (also known as shooting the next game) unless any of these gamblers decide to surrender some of their points by hitting them with a stickman’s rake (this also applies when the shooter loses all his points).

If both dice hit the table because of shooting or after hitting them with stickman’s rake, it is known as a “no matter payoff,” and every player automatically receives an equal pay-out.

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