Movies where baccarat is played

There are several movies where บาคาร่า  is featured and they include the following:

The 1964 Hard day’s night movie

It is one of the movies which was quite famous in the sixties, where baccarat had a pace which was prominent. The movie features the Beatles. It is about a concert where the Beatles performed in London and thus, they come visiting for their native Liverpool. It is movies which is all about the Beatles overcoming their various problems and finally succeed to perform in the concert.

The grandfather of the Beatles is the one who introduces into the movie the game of Baccarat. He has a weakness for the game and decides to go to gamble for several nights. Being a novice, the old man cannot differentiate between Bingo and Banco.

He drinks a lot while in the casino bar and plays several hands at the tables of the baccarat game. Despite him knowing nothing about the game, he wins so much money in it but at the end, loses it all back to the casino bar. The movie describes baccarat in details and it brings out a lot of fun just watching the old man bungling up the terms and yet ends up winning.

The bonds movies

James bond has a liking for baccarat game as his favorite.  Agent 007 can be seen playing a lot of baccarat during his adventures starting from the first releases. The remake of the Bond movie of 2006, the Casino Royale which featured Daniel Craig showed him while playing poker in a casino instead of the trademark of the baccarat.

The Bond and baccarat lovers were unhappy about that new development in the Bond character. The movie never reached its height as compared to the success of the other Bond movies. The Bond movies featuring baccarat include Dr. No, Golden Eye, On Her Majesty’s secret service, Thunderball, and Never Say Never.

1967, Casino Royale

The baccarat tends to play an important role in this particular Bond movie. The real Bond has retired and left the secret service. In the movie, the Bond who retired is brought in to fight the SMERSH. It is not a Bond movie but a comic which takes on the character that has Bond beating the SMERSH – a Russian group, by having managed to beat Le Chiffre of Russia. There are over six bond characters in that movie with all of them gathering together in their chase for the Russians.

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