A Guide To  สล็อต Machines And Their Terminology

สล็อต Machines are increasingly popular in all parts of the world. In fact, in the US, สล็อต machines make for 70% of the revenue of a casino. If you are one of these players and are finding yourself confused by the terms that are casually thrown around in your favourite casino, this guide is for you.

The Wild Symbols

You must be familiar with the role a joker plays in a deck of cards. If you have it, it can become any symbol or card possible to allow you to have the best possible hand. This is exactly the role that a wild symbol plays. If displayed, it will take on the shape of whatever symbol is required to give you the best possible chance of winning.

Some machines may have specific rules regarding the implementation of wild symbols. They may only allow them during bonus rounds or prohibit them during bonus rounds. They may allow them to stack for large payouts or may prohibit the use of multiple wild symbols entirely.

Read the rules and regulations carefully in order to discover how to use the wild symbols to your best advantage.

The Taste

The taste refers to the small payouts that a สล็อต machine makes to keep players interested. It is rare to find machines that do not make even this minimum payment so you must be careful when betting to ensure that it is a machine with which you have a chance to win and win big, rather than scooping up the bare minimum every once in a while.

The Pay line

The pay line of a machine refers to the line on which symbols have to land in order to be considered a winning combination. This does not require the pay line to a be straight horizontal or vertical line.

It may zigzag, curve or bend into all sorts of shapes. Some pay lines are deliberately shaped to make winning easier or harder. If you learn how to recognize that, your chances of winning at สล็อต machines will improve drastically.

The Scatter

Generally, for a winning combination to occur, the symbols are required to all land on the pay line. The scatter refers to a winning combination that is given out even if the symbols land all over the machine and not on the pay line.

Generally, scatters may not trigger payouts but only bonus rounds. They also do not allow the use of wild symbols.

The Persistent State

In the era of electronics, many slot machines keep track of your previous games so that they can award you prizes if you meet certain goals over time. This is referred to as the persistent state of a machine.

It may give out smaller awards like multipliers or large ones like bonus rounds and free spins. It is a very good way to give you more impetus to keep playing as well as good incentive to keep you on the same machine long term.

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